Forgotten utility

Water is often the forgotten utility.  Find out how you can maximise the opportunities created by a more competitive water retail market.

By utilising us as your water partner your business could save water, spend less
and become more efficient. We will work with you to implement a new strategy for
water usage and purchasing which a lot of businesses have yet to consider.


The water retail market has been open for competition since April 2017 and now businesses are able to choose and switch water suppliers. We can help our clients negotiate the best package for their individual needs alongside a water management plan to look at ways of monitoring usage and what can be done to reduce consumption.



If your business is eligible, you can choose to have one retailer for your water supply and another for wastewater services, or just have one for both. We can talk to the retailers to see which will offer your business the best deal when it comes to:

  • your bills and payments
  • reading your meter
  • customer service and water saving advice

Dunore Energy Northamptonshire