Energy Management

Saving energy saves money. 


The easiest way to start the journey is to understand how and where your business uses energy via a site audit.

By utilising Dunore Energy as your energy partner, we will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you focus on energy saving. We provide services which enable us to reduce your energy spend, your carbons and helping you comply with legislation. We bring innovation, application knowledge, quality and unparalleled service levels to your project.


Dunore Energy can provide a comprehensive site energy report with minimal impact to your business operation to help identify reasons for high energy consumption.

Our team have tried and tested many energy efficiency technologies which will help you achieve carbon reduction targets and comply with mandatory legislation.



    We don’t leave you on your own at the report stage, we can support you with implementing chosen measures so you receive the full value of our energy partnership. We can help you to:

    • Identify solutions to stop energy wastage
    • Measure and verify energy savings
    • Tailor to specific consumption issues
    • Reduce consumption
    • Implement energy efficiency improvements


    Visibility of the whole energy picture is paramount - by pinpointing when, where and how energy is used you can identify ways to cut wastage & release savings back to the business. We take data from electricity meters, (Half Hourly meters and Automatic Meter Read (AMR) meters) gas meter loggers and water meters to provide intelligence and visibility on your energy consumption.

    Our MAPIT system will allow access to data on demand and allows you to take control of your energy and water usage. You can monitor consumption at meter, site or group level depending on your requirements.

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