New Energy Connections and Infrastructure

Anyone who has taken on a major construction process knows it is far from simple. Even the most straightforward of tasks can require a multistep effort to accomplish. Securing new energy connections is no exception.


Waiting until the last minute to begin the process or selecting the wrong energy partner can lead to unexpected delays and increased costs. However, an expert partner can take responsibility for all of the complexity, ensuring you meet deadlines and stay within your budget without passing on any of the hassle.

Here at Dunore Energy, we encourage our clients to get in touch with us as soon as possible, potentially even before they’ve chosen a location for their new site. Together with our network of industry partners, we can make sure the chosen site has the right energy infrastructure, can research and recommend appropriate energy suppliers and oversee the project work required to get a new connection live.

One of our key partners is Energy Connection Services (ECS), a UK-based firm which provides end-to-end project management and coordination of customers’ business utility connections to electricity, water, gas and telecoms. When one of our clients contacted us about connecting utilities to their new waste recycling centre, we immediately brought ECS into the project. Together with ECS, we identified the project had a short-term need to provide temporary energy connections for the onsite builders as well as longer-term needs once the facility is up and running. We knew how to plan for both.

The energy requirements of a large-scale project such as a waste recycling centre are significant. In this case, the site would require the construction of a new substation and the installation of over 500m of water main.

We divided the tasks with ECS, each of us focusing on our areas of expertise. Our team at Dunore took responsibility for procuring a supplier and ongoing meter operator. The ECS team took the lead on managing the new connection process.

Our client benefited from a single point of contact and consolidated reporting on budget and timelines. Behind the scenes, Dunore and ECS arranged for applications into network operators and other related permissions. We shortlisted suppliers, conducted tenders, analysed competitive bids and provided recommendations to the client. When the client was ready, we negotiated and agreed contracts on their behalf and acted as a liaison between the vendors all relevant onsite personnel.

Our support doesn’t end when contracts are signed and vendors are appointed. Both Dunore and ECS will remain on the project, coordinating onsite works such as trenching, ducting and other electrical installation activities. As the site moves from construction to live, we’ll keep a close eye on usage patterns, assessing bills for accuracy and identifying opportunities to gain efficiency.

The business energy market is highly complex, with a variety of suppliers competing in nearly every aspect of the industry. Our job is to understand your timelines, budgets, regulatory obligations and company values, so we can do the heavy-lifting on your behalf. Because we work with these vendors on an on-going basis, we are better able to identify the right combination of partners needed to deliver your project while meeting your needs.

If you’re planning a move or expansion, get in touch for a no-obligation and no-hassle discussion about how we can help you.

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