Dunore Energy Are On-Hand To Support Fellow Businesses

Dunore Energy are on hand to help any businesses who might be concerned about the impact Covid-19 is going to have on their ability to pay energy suppliers over the coming months.



During this unprecedented time, Dunore Energy have had conversations with many clients who have reduced hours, instituted working from home, and followed government guidelines on safe working practices – but will still have energy charges to pay. Clients are concerned of credit action being taken or supplies disconnected.

Jonathan Newsham of Dunore Energy says, ‘’We are happy to assist any business with speaking to suppliers to see what options are available to try and ease the stress, even if they are not our customer.”

‘’We are not charging for this service as we feel we can use our relationships with suppliers directly to help.’’


If you’d like to benefit from this opportunity to reduce your energy-related overheads, email advice(at)dunore-energy.com or call 01933 427601